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“Meg has a very deep walk with Christ and is fabulous at listening to
God with others in spiritual direction. She is well-trained in the field and has a natural gifting for the work. Offering spiritual companionship to others is one of her greatest passions. Though a sensitive listener, she is not afraid to ask the hard questions. Her thorough knowledge of spiritual practices and spiritual temperaments is invaluable in her work. Meeting for group spiritual direction with Meg has benefitted me through insights, direction, encouragement and necessary challenges. I wholeheartedly recommend her for individual or group spiritual direction.”

Tammy McLeod

Harvard Chaplain and Director of College Ministry, Park Street Church

“Meg’s rich and deep spiritual life is a source of tremendous wisdom for others. She is an excellent listener, both of people and of God.”

Walter Kim

Teaching Pastor, Park Street Church, Boston, MA

“Meg is a gifted spiritual director with a heart to help others as they seek to deepen their relationships with God. She is committed to prayer, listens well and is genuinely concerned for each person with whom she meets.”

Carrie Schuliger

Spiritual Director and Co-facilitator for Prayer Companions,
Park Street Church, Boston, MA (2011- 2015)

“Meg is a spiritually mature and insightful leader who is gifted in helping others process their lives and grow in their relationship with God.”

Dave Hill

Pastor at Abundant Grace Church

“I have known Meg for over 20 years and have been serving as a doctor in Rwanda for over a decade. She led a four-hour retreat for women from several churches in our area at a monastery overlooking a beautiful lake. The retreat commenced with a beautiful reading from Scripture and then each woman went off to enjoy her time of silence with God. As a trained spiritual director, Meg was available to listen to women who needed someone to reflect with. After three hours of quiet, we came back together to share. Each participant was touched in meaningful ways, and we could see that God had profoundly blessed our brief time of reflection and quiet. Women who had not met before the retreat, from vastly varying ethnic backgrounds, left united: singing and praising the Lord. It was a sweet taste of heaven on earth, and it was a truly refreshing time.
Although Meg is not currently in Rwanda, she has kept in close touch and has been an encouragement in many ways.”

Louise King

Physician and Instructor in Rwanda, Division of Global Health Equity, Brigham and Women’s Hospital

“I have known Meg for over a dozen years. I have known her as a friend, a sister and a co-worker in ministry. She has wisdom and grace. It comes from knowing God’s word over time, standing on it in inconvenient times, and seeing it refined by fire in difficult times. When she shares or speaks you will see this for yourself.”

John Ensor

President, PassionLife Ministries

“I have participated in group spiritual direction sessions facilitated by Meg Howard for several years. The experience has been powerfully transformational for me and for others involved. Meg is gifted at helping people listen to and hear from God.”

Patrick McLeod

Cru Boston Metro Director/Harvard Chaplain

“As part of a team led by Meg Howard, I experienced first-hand why she is more than able to lead your group on a grace-filled soul care retreat. She has the vision, discernment, organizational and leadership skills that will create an environment where all can draw near to God. You can be sure that every aspect and each individual will be faithfully held before the Lord in prayer.”

Jim Ennis

Pastor of Community Care, Grace Chapel Lexington, MA
Spiritual Director and Graduate of the Renovare Institute of Spiritual Formation

“Meg first introduced me to the concept of Spiritual Direction during a seminar in the fall of 2010. I was so impressed with her sensitive leading, patience and firm guidance that I was compelled to pursue Spiritual Direction on a regular basis. I am now in a monthly spiritual direction group where Meg is one of two leaders which has been meeting for 4 years. Meg’s sincere consideration and thoughtfulness has been an inspiration and model for me. Her example has helped me to deepen my relationship with God and others.”

Tara Craft Campbell

Monitoring and Evaluation with Advancing Adolescents Program at Mercy Corps

“Meg is level-headed, pragmatic, insightful and never hides from big issues. The kind of person you want when trying to solve issues…..and she’s fun to be around.”

Alex Kulpecz

Executive Chairman, Kerogen Energy

“Meg was my spiritual director for 2 years, while she was completing her training program and I was in a period of great transition. She was exceedingly helpful – a wonderful listener, offered solid counsel, and was very clear that the work was accomplished by God, not by either of us. Even though she was still in the process of completing her certification, she served me with expertise and wisdom that was far beyond her experience. She was and is a fantastic Spiritual Director and I was very grateful to have been able to work with her for 2 years.”

Kristen Douthit

Director of Communications, LEAD Advisory Group, LLC

“Meg has tremendous experience and insight in the area of spiritual direction. She has a wonderful ability to facilitate group discussion in a manner that fosters productive dialogue.”

Jacob Laubach

M.D. at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute