About Meg

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I am a trained spiritual director (spiritual companion) who seeks to offer a safe and nurturing space to explore what is going on in the very personal realm of one’s heart, mind, and soul. I am committed to helping others recognize the presence and leading of God in their lives. Spiritual direction is confidential and respectful. I do not tell another person what they ought to do. The Holy Spirit is the Director. I seek to discern the Spirit’s leading alongside you, not for you. The person seeking spiritual direction remains autonomous. I respect each man or woman deeply and hope to serve as an encouraging companion for each person’s sacred journey with God.

Meg HowardI am a graduate of Wellesley College, as well as of Selah, a two-year certificate program in spiritual direction.

I have been receiving spiritual direction in different ways since 1991. The demands of intensive cancer treatments in 2004-2005 resulted in many profound lessons about the Goodness of God in the midst of suffering. I trained as a spiritual director from 2009-2011. I have since walked with others through various personal challenges and tragedies. These experiences have given me lasting insights on God’s love for us at all times. I am drawn to walk with people though the hardest, as well as through the most rewarding, times in their lives.

I am married to the man I respect and love most, and we have been blessed with two grown sons and a daughter-in-law. In addition to the myriad lessons learned while being a dedicated spouse and mother, I have worked as an ESOL teacher and community college instructor, as well as a property manager. My husband and I have had the privilege of living in Spain for four years and spending three summers in Africa. We raised our family in Boston, MA for two decades and now live in Puerto Rico. I speak Spanish and English.

Wherever I am, I am grateful to grow alongside others who seek God’s care and leading. The fruit of life with God always yields positive transformations, even when circumstances are very difficult. I am deeply interested in the life of the soul and rejoice to walk with those who are navigating the various seasons of their faith.